Monday, July 12, 2010

These are a few of my Favorite Things

When the dog bites. . .
When the bee stings. . .
When I'm feeling sad-
I simply remember my favorite things- and then I don't feel
So bad!

Sorry, I had to type out the song, it was irrepressible. But, in all seriousness, here are a few things that I can't get enough of:

1.) Brown Paper Packages tied up with string. I'm not kidding. Ever since I was little I have loved receiving simple paper packages. I think it's the sturdiness of the paper, I don't know, it just makes my heart sing!

2.) Penguin cloth-bound classic novels- bibliophile or not, I think everyone can appreciate the style of these books. They make the perfect addition to any collection of books, and would even work great as a centerpieces for wedding tables. Check them out!

3.) Vintage Books- I love the process of finding books- rummaging through boxes at yard sales, staring at shelves in Rare and Used Book stores- hunting for something which complements your style and fills a spot on your bookshelf.

4.) Fresh Flowers. Pretty much any type of flower makes me happy, but my four favorites would be anemones, peonies, star-gazer lilies and sunflowers. My dream is to have every room of my house filled with flowers. Right now I only have two small vases in our living room and main bathroom- but one day, my flowers will take over the house!

5.) Vintage Pyrex. I love it. It's colorful, and the patterns are precious! If I had more room in my kitchen I would have bowls in every color. For now, I am focusing on a collection of turquoise. Go and get yours on Etsy!

6.) Speaking of Etsy. . . I love it! If you haven't been using it, then you should start. Etsy is a website where you can buy and sell anything hand-made or vintage. i.e. go here for everything from baked goods to artwork, from vintage books to one-of-a-kind clothing. Check out my favorite seller, SadieOlive - and the vintage book collection I am drooling over!

7.) MODERN HOUSES. I want to eat them up. My new obsession is the magazine Dwell- which covers modern residential architectural design, and takes a green approach to all it does. One the houses I am currently drawn to is the Fish House in Japan (view more pictures here).

((picture compliments of Guz Architects))

8.) Farmer's Markets. They are are a great resource for local, organic and fresh foods, and a great way to support your community. Find one nearest you!

What are some of your favorite things?


  1. Hmmm where'd you score your vintage pyrex, lady? hehehe. Love it.

  2. my fav things
    1] chololates
    2] new shoes
    3] any art that moves me
    4] the sound of ocean
    5] laughter
    6] family's unconditional love [there isnt anything that can replace that]

    follow if u like what u see?