Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Goin' to the Game

SO, in a twist of fate, I, perhaps the least knowledgeable football aficionado in the United States, am going to my second professional football game this season! To be honest I am looking forward mostly to the wonderfully sinful food and drink which comes hand-in-hand with this fabulous fall sport, as well as hanging out with friends.

Here are a few items I am looking forward to eating at the game:

What are some of your favorite Philly eats? Have any suggestions as to what I should bring to the tailgate? I'm thinking of making a Seven Layer Dip and maybe carting along some wings and things. Any and all ideas will be appreciated!

What should I wear to keep my little tush warm, be comfy, and look cute, all while supporting the Eagles? (It's supposed to be in the mid-fourties during the game) Any tricks you can suggest would certainly be welcome.

Oh yea- and Lets Go Eagles!!!!!!