Thursday, August 26, 2010

Re-Branding of USPS

Designer Matt Chase's conceptual redesign for the U.S.P.S. brand swept through the design blogosphere on Monday. I realize this means I am a bit behind (but what else is new?). I wanted to provide you with some highlights in case you missed it.

Although I am sort of in love with the 50's flair, I do feel like it is a bit much. . . More like something a teacher would create for her Back to School Bulletin Board, it's a bit kitschy. . . Frankly, the thing I love the most are all the stamp designs, how precious are all of the little postal pigeons?! I love, love, love vintage/out-of the ordinary stamps.

In any case, I doubt this re-branding will actually take hold, but it is fun to look through all of the mock-ups (see my previous link for more).

What are your thoughts?

((all photos compliments of behance network)

Friday, August 13, 2010

One Family, Thirty Years

Just found this and love it.

One Family, Thirty Years


There is a skunk the size of a small dog in our garage. I repeat: there is a skunk in our garage.

Boy (matter-of-factly): There is a skunk in our garage.

Me (as if you just told me I had the plague): WHAT?!

Boy (still calm): There is a skunk in our garage.

Me (not fooled by his reverie): We should call animal control

Boy (smiling): Nah, he's fine. Come look at it.

Me (not smiling): WHAT?

Boy (as if he is asking me to observe a cuddly kitten): Come on, look at it, it's hiding.

Me (loosing my mind for a second): Okay.

And so I looked, but I didn't see it right away and I refuse to go any closer to the entrance of our detached garage than 10 feet, so the skunk can remain hiding until The Boy allows me to call animal control.

I will keep you updated.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010


Hi there, y'all.

Sorry I haven't written in quite awhile. My grandfather has been in the hospital, so, the time I usually devote to this blog, mornings and early afternoons, have been spent beside he and the rest of my family instead.

Things are looking up for Poppy, so, I should be writing more regularly in a short while.