Thursday, December 9, 2010


I would have to say our Black and White Party 2010 was my favorite party this year.

Black and White Party is a tradition the boy and I started way back in our first year of dating as a way for our friends and families to get together and have a good time. The premise for the party is friends from every stage in our lives get invited to come imbibe, our only request is they come dressed in black and white semi-formal attire.

We send out the invitations a month ahead of time, and the rest is left up to chance (at least as far as who comes), so we always have a great mix of people- my high school friends get to meet my college friends, people I met at work go play night golf with my friend from high school cross-country, friends and family from two hours away to two states away, or even California come to celebrate our friendship and meet new people. Many a friendship and even a few romances have blossomed out of Black and White Parties over the years, and the stories we have from the parties past are as plentiful as they are hilarious.

This year was special because Jamie and I were able to hold it at our new house, our own house, for the first time. So this year Black and White Party somehow felt much more personal.

As we were welcoming our friends and family into our home for the first time I felt pure joy- my friends finally were getting to see a part of my life they hadn't really had a window on yet. Being able to open up your home is a lot like letting people in on your inner thoughts; I truly feel your home is a reflection of yourself and your relationship with whomever you are sharing yourself with.

I think it was a lot of the little things which made Black and White party 2010 special: cooking a large meal for all of my friends in my own kitchen; my sister cooking the dessert for me, delicious cakes; not being able to get my friends out of the kitchen; giving house tours for the first time; cleaning up spills; making up beds; enjoying our deck and listening to the music as it changed from jazz to alternative to rap throughout the night and into the morning. . . Life feels so real on nights you are enjoying with friends. Though my day was rushed with preparation, and even the night went at warp speed it was nice to slow down after dinner was done and all there was left to do was sip my champagne and talk. Nights like that just feel-- timeless.

It was great to see people's reactions to our decor, it was interesting explaining to people how to find our little house in the woods, and it was gratifying to host our first party in our new house with such success. Most importantly, the Black and White Party will be one of our first memories made in the new house, and I love that one of our first memories will be shared with so many great friends.

Here are a few photos from prior years:

What was your favorite party/social event this year? Why?

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