Sunday, December 5, 2010

Letting Go

This year, I let go of my emotions. What I mean to say is that I tried to, when provoked, let go of any anger or jealousy and work past my emotions in an effort to be more rational and open.

I realized acting out, screaming, or (worse) internalizing everything I felt was actually making me stressed, and was harming my relationships with others. When I raised my voice to my boyfriend he would shut down, but if I talked out my emotions rationally, he could understand why I was upset, and we could both work out a solution. My boyfriend actually talks to me more readily and is no longer afraid to come to me with complaints, questions or concerns. I am not saying I am perfect and never become agitated or upset, but I have learned to talk about my anger, thoughts, and feelings as soon as they arise in a balanced and calm manner.

Prior to this year I would get angry when I found out people were talking behind my back or if they would say something underhanded, and I would let my feelings marinate until my feelings towards them would sour. Thankfully, this year I learned to just let go- obviously they have lost sight of their emotions, or their relationship with me, perhaps they no longer see me fore who I am, or cannot accept the changes in me-- but is that a reason for me to be angry? My new learned response to that question is a firm No. I have learned to accept myself for who I am, and more recently I have learned to accept the fact that not everyone will accept me one hundred percent of the time, and that is no reason for me to be upset. Obviously I would rather someone come to me when they feel I am acting badly, or whatever their gripe might be, but I have taken the adage "Treat others as you wish to be treated" and run with it.

I guess my main theme is I no longer hold any grudges, and it has set me free.

What do you need to Let go of?

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