Wednesday, May 4, 2011

My take on life

How true it is. Everyone sets out with certain goals and experiences in mind when embarking on this journey which is life. We have a clear idea of where we are going and how we are getting there. Yet,as the above quote reflects, I feel it is more than safe to say that despite our insistence on the pursuit of a certain end we tend to meet other paths, other possibilities, and become side tracked, often coming to an entirely different destination than perhaps we ever imagined.

I feel as though most people have embraced minor alterations in their life plans, but then again so many of us get sidetracked with "what-if's". I myself have fallen into a pattern of second-guessing decisions made 5 or more years ago. My what-ifs range from things I wish I said when others were rude to me, to where I went to college and what I majored in. So much is right in my life, so why worry over things I cannot change? Reflection is necessary, but obsession over the past is never healthy, so how does one strike a balance?

I like to remind myself of the above quote, it helps me recognize myself as a lost discoverer, a traveler along a broken road with a destination in mind but a open mind and a flexible timetable to get myself where I want to go. What really matters is that I learn from my mistakes, enjoy myself and accept what comes, whatever it may be.

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