Thursday, August 26, 2010

Re-Branding of USPS

Designer Matt Chase's conceptual redesign for the U.S.P.S. brand swept through the design blogosphere on Monday. I realize this means I am a bit behind (but what else is new?). I wanted to provide you with some highlights in case you missed it.

Although I am sort of in love with the 50's flair, I do feel like it is a bit much. . . More like something a teacher would create for her Back to School Bulletin Board, it's a bit kitschy. . . Frankly, the thing I love the most are all the stamp designs, how precious are all of the little postal pigeons?! I love, love, love vintage/out-of the ordinary stamps.

In any case, I doubt this re-branding will actually take hold, but it is fun to look through all of the mock-ups (see my previous link for more).

What are your thoughts?

((all photos compliments of behance network)


  1. I personally like the vintage look as well! Little known fact about me...I used to be a stamp collector, and not just your ordinary used stamps off mailed envelopes, but my nana and I used to go buy all of the collectors edition ones.

  2. I like the stamps but let's be real if they went back to 50s style prices I'd be more excited. Also Beth, what teacher do you know that creates vintage inspired bulletin boards??? :)

    Ho, I love that you were a stamp collector!